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The best meeting you'll have all day (Even if it was yesterday)

  • Reliable and intuitive
  • Dynamic participant feedback reporting
  • Whiteboard collaboration, real-time polling, live-chat, & more
  • Breakout room for hands-on experience
  • Affordable licensing
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Everyone On the Same Page, All the Time

AirClass is the secure online collaboration platform to keep your team seamlessly synced.

Easily schedule meetings, training sessions, and collaborations with participants around the world. You get the flexibility of easily running remote sessions while getting the benefit of all the tools in the platform. AirClass doesn’t just let you host remote meetings -- it empowers you to run better ones.

From a single screen, you have access to everything you’ll need to effectively collaborate with others in your meeting. You’re able to quickly and easily flip between different types of content like your screenshare, PowerPoint presentations, images, an attendee’s screen, and AirClass’ engagement tools.

An Engaging Social Experience for Remote Teams

AirClass is the the online collaboration platform to keep your participants interested and involved. Baked into the system are powerful tools to let you better engage and collaborate with participants.

You can branch into small groups in Smart Breakout Rooms, having the rooms mixed based on levels of engagement during the meeting. The platform lets you make a poll on the fly to get real-time feedback from participants. The Whiteboard feature lets the whole team sketch out and iterate on a specific idea. You can also enable AirClass’ Emotion Insights to get a read on whether participants are interested in and comprehending the content of the meeting.

With the included tools, AirClass can scale along with your meetings.

Schedule One Meeting and Use It Forever

AirClass makes it easy to setup trainings that can be used forever or distribute materials to teammembers across the world. AirClass Replay is more than just a recording, immersing viewers in the full experience of the session.

For participants who can’t attend the live session, they have the ability to login to AirClass and experience the full meeting on-demand whenever they want. Replay can be setup in a controlled and replicable way to let hosts stage and distribute tightly controlled packages of training or educational materials. It can also be used to bring a teammember up to speed by immersing them in the full meeting, including polls, chat conversation, and whiteboard activity.

Replay enables hosts and trainers to scale themselves, making it easy to distribute valuable information and materials to teams around the world on their own terms.