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Virtual Training, Made Smarter

Giving You the Tools to Engage

We’ve got the online meeting and virtual training software platform to keep your participants interested and involved.

Tired of the stress of running your online courses using a bunch of different platforms, systems and materials? Control Center is the main hub for your class or corporate training audience, giving you metrics on your classes’ engagement and the tools to get them participating. From a single screen, Broadcast Feeds lets you quickly and easily flip between different types of feeds, like PowerPoint presentations, images, even a participant’s screen, and AirClass’ engagement tools, keeping your virtual course content fresh and attention-grabbing.

  • Create small groups in online Breakout Rooms, where anyone can be the presenter and lead the discussion. Each training room gets participants with a mix of engagement levels, so every room achieves a higher level of success and activity.

  • Notice learning and training engagement is down? Make a Poll on the fly or start one that you pre-made in staging. Keep participants asking questions and discussing points in Chat as you present.

  • Use our online Whiteboard to outline a specific idea, or have the whole class collaborate. Comments are annotated, so everyone can see who is writing what.

Face to Face, Digitally Speaking

We know that keeping your participants engaged in your virtual classroom is a major concern, so we built AirClass to feel like your participants are in the room with you, giving you insights beyond the screen.

See the engagement of the class as a whole, or use the individual Engagement Score to see how much each participant is interacting with the training material. The Engagement Score metric uses 9 factors to show who needs your attention, including if they are on the class screen, using chat, and responding to polls.

Kevin Auger - Last spoke 15 min ago - Engagement 35

The “Who’s Been Talking” graph helps you avoid being a talking head, displaying how much you are talking versus your webinar or class participants.

Get Insights to Make Your Class Fresh

To make your classes the best experience for both you and your participants, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. Emotion Insights gives you the insights throughout everything you do in your class, helping you develop valuable feedback loops.

Using advanced facial recognition technology to read your participants’ emotions, Emotional Analytics maps 68 points on the face to judge positive & negative sentiment along with engagement. When you watch your class back with Replay, a graph will display in real time with your presentation, showing you the exact moments when your participants were excited, uninterested, and more.

Don’t worry about starting a class or online meeting at 7am – Emotion Insights doesn’t record video. It uses facial recognition to capture the metrics of faces, so all you get is pure metrics. Better yet, it’s purely optional. You can choose when to start it during your class, and each participant can opt in or out.

Class is Always in Session

Create your course once, and it’s ready to go for all the classes you have scheduled. Not only can you use Staging to upload your presentation and supporting materials, but you can also assign breakout rooms, create polls, invite users to the class, and more. For corporate training content, our on-demand ability fits global schedules to attendees.

Set up all the materials your trainees or meeting participants need in Activity Stream; no more pre-or-post class emailing! The class is always accessible so participants can come back and download handouts, catch up on chat, leave comments on threads, or watch the class again in Replay.

Replay is more than a recording of your presentation or corporate meeting. It displays the complete classroom experience, including polls, chat conversation, and whiteboard activity. Any participants that couldn’t attend the live session can still experience the full class or meeting on-demand at any time.

We know that not everyone learns at the same pace. Replay allows participants to re-watch a specific section or the entire class online as many times as they want, learning at a pace that best fits their unique needs.

When you watch with Replay, you will see the Emotion Insights graph unrolling with your presentation, displaying key moments of engagement, and negative & positive sentiment, so you can make adjustments for the next class, creating better outcomes for you and your virtual classroom participants.

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