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Our Trial Subscription will provide one instructor with up to five classrooms, for a maximum of 30 days.

Pay monthly by credit card. Or, sign up for an annual subscription and save 10%.

Plans available for more than 50 instructors or more than 10 classrooms per instructor.

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You can also call a sales representative at 888-473-9485.

Pricing Definitions:

  • Instructor: has a unique login and ability to create classrooms.
  • Classroom: Dedicated subjects created and maintained simultaneously; includes unlimited “sessions” (live events).
  • Licensing: Licensing for AirClass is a recurring purchase. Usage lasts only the amount of time the product has been purchased.
  • Monthly License: Only available as single Instructor license. Monthly License can be purchased each month and runs for a single month time frame.
  • Annual License: Annual License is purchased upfront and runs for 12 months from date of purchase.