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AirClass Activity Stream Share documents, videos and comments during and after class.

Plus, AirClass is connected with the services you already love – Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365 Apps – to make sharing even easier.

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AirClass Replay Lets your students relive the live event, just like they were there. With the ability to watch video and view chats your students will never miss an important moment again.

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Emotion Insights Helps you to measure training effectiveness and gain more insight about your live event with emotional analytics on the attention and engagement of the students who attend your live event.

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Signup or Log In Instructors and students can quickly and easily sign in with an email address, Google or Microsoft account. Please note, AirClass is best viewed in Chrome or Firefox.

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Classroom Dedicated subjects created and maintained simultaneously; includes unlimited “sessions” (live events).

Add New Class Ability to create a class, set the time/recurrence, theme with a banner and invite students. Class includes unlimited “sessions” (live events).

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Live Event Schedule or start a session within a classroom.

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Instructor Card Shows teacher and event details. Ability to mute or unmute all students. Includes broadcast options/controls – hide or show video (webcam), voice (mic), share screen.

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Student Card Student name, profile picture, broadcast status.

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Broadcast Ability to hide or show video (webcam), mute or unmute (mic) or share documents.

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Classroom Settings Access and manage general information, class schedule and invited teachers and students.

Control Center Manage Audio/Video. Edit live event details.

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Analytics Available to the instructor only. Provides class attendance and browser use. Includes Emotion Insights.