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Built for Instructors, by Instructors.

AirClass was born in the education space. By building products that helped teachers use technology to improve education for their students, we learned a lot about how technology can be used to achieve outcomes…and how it can’t.

We realized that many of the instruction methods from education could also work in corporate training, like breakout groups and individualized learning. So we took our passion for education and started building a tool that would be unique to the digital learning space. But we knew that to make AirClass the best, we needed the experts – you!

The interface is built the way an instructor thinks about the class.

– Michael Verbic

We teamed up with a panel of corporate trainers (AirClass Enthusiast program), all currently working in the field, to tell us exactly what they needed from a virtual training platform. And that’s what we built.

Backed by Lenovo Software, AirClass combines cutting edge technology with expertise from the field, giving you the best experience for you and your participants.

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