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Welcome to Virtual Learning, Reimagined.

No more traditional presentations and printouts, this is the future of online training and business video conferencing.

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Virtual Training, Made SmarterTM

We made online classroom training smarter, and participant feedback reporting more dynamic to give you an in-depth look at what’s working, and where you can improve. Let’s create learning environment experiences for instructors and students or corporate trainees that have a lasting impact.

Bruce Cronquist, Engineering Online Training Manager
You can’t improve what you can’t measure.
Bruce Cronquist, Engineering Online Training Manager

Real-Time Online Classroom Engagement Tools

You know how to engage with your virtual classroom, we’re giving you the tools to do it better. Online whiteboard collaboration, real-time polling, live-chat and participation meters will help you retain and engage your training audience.

Andora J. Gandy, RepeatIT Excellence
I especially like the ease of use for the whiteboard features, the opportunity to monitor engagement, and one of my favorite features is the breakout rooms and how similar it is to an actual in-person breakout session.
Andora J. Gandy, RepeatIT Excellence

Flexible Training Content Planning

Preparing online and corporate training course content ahead of time, in a repeatable manner frees up your time for when it matters most. The flexibility of our virtual learning management system lets you refine your delivery, incorporate new content into your training and interact with participants. Gather course content once and store it in a master collection within the platform so you can quickly associate specific materials with a specific training as needed—without rebuilding the class over and over. Access to materials before, during and after class eliminates post-class follow up so you can focus on your audience.

As an instructor that believes in practice, practice, practice, being able to stage and review the complete presentation ahead of time makes this new version a dream.
Michael Verbic, Carolinas IT

Smarter tools for better engagement

  • Training replay functionality supports unique information and learning needs

  • Real-time polls keep class participants connected and engaged

  • Live chat options let you interact with participants, answer questions and encourage discussion

  • Online whiteboarding spaces and breakout rooms support a collaborative, hands-on experience

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