Welcome to AirClass. A modern, web application with intelligent features that truly understands distance teaching.

Designed around a simple-to-use dashboard for both instructors and students, AirClass creates a unique, collaborative environment before, during and after class. Plus, attention and engagement emotional analytics enable instructors to measure training effectiveness and comprehension of the students who attended their live event.

AirClass Activity Stream

AirClass Replay

Emotion Insights


A virtual classroom that exists, even when class is not in session.

Encourage class collaboration before, during and after your live event.

With the AirClass Activity Stream, instructors and students can share documents, photos, videos, and comments that can be reviewed or updated anytime, even when class is not in session, making your class and related content available for reference to current and future students.

Plus, AirClass is connected with the services you already love – Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365 Apps – to make sharing even easier.

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Virtual training anytime, anywhere.

What happens when an employee misses training – how do you get materials to them, how time consuming is that for you as an instructor?

With AirClass Replay students can play back an entire class or training session in the sequence in which it occurred. With the ability to watch video and view chats, students can relive the live event, just like they were there. Ensure your students never miss an important moment again.

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Virtual training, made smarter™ with emotional analytics.

How do you know if your long distance students are engaged? What if you could get feedback after your class on who was paying attention and how they responded to different elements of your content?

Now you can. AirClass Emotion Insights helps you to measure training effectiveness and comprehension with emotional analytics on the attention and engagement of the students who attend your live event.

  • Attention: Emotion Insights estimates attention by measuring how often faces are frontal with respect to the camera.
  • Emotional Engagement: Emotion Insights estimates emotional engagement by measuring how often faces display emotions - happiness, surprise, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, contempt, confusion and frustration.

We believe better students mean better employees, and longer lasting business relationships.

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